youth for christ


Because of You…

The youth of Poland are being reached with the Gospel primarily through:

  • Students meeting named EWAKUACJA (evacuation). They take place once a month, where about 100 students come.
  • Young women’s event named kobie.TY (women’s). They take place 4 time in year with about 50 women’s.
  • New Year’s conference named POCZĄTEK (beginning). Last year we had about 800 people.
  • Children’s club named NARNIA where we had about 50 kids.
  • Summer camp
  • Investing in young leaders from youth and student’s groups through new project called Family of Leaders.


Prayer Needs
  • Adequate resources for staff and events
  • Wisdom in reaching young people
  • Development of a new ministry for young leaders
  • Spiritual development of staff and volunteers
  • Development of a new ministry for high school students
  • Expansion and spreading of the BEGINNING conference and other programs nationally and regionally
  • Cooperation with churches and pastors